What is our message in 2019?
Quite simply: I did what I promised I would do.

The District Attorney's Office has over 60 full time and part time employees. My Ass’t District Attorneys and I handle over 250 hearings per week and prosecute over 6,000 cases per year. Through my office I supervise the Beaver County Detective Bureau, the Anti-Drug Task Force (ADTF), the Emergency Services Unit (County SWAT), and the Victim-Witness support office. What have we accomplished in three years for Beaver County?

  • Brought consistency to prosecution. Offenders deserve predictability of results between similar cases.

  • Removed politics from the District Attorney’s Office; hiring personnel based upon qualifications, and not who the applicant’s political friends or relatives were.

  • Made prosecutorial decisions based upon facts and not relationships. We investigated, prosecuted, and convicted officials at all levels across the county regardless of family or political connections. Following the “rule of law” we applied justice equally for all.

  • In my 2015 campaign I said we would distinguish between drug dealers and drug users. I have done just that.

    • Drug dealers were prosecuted on felony charges. We fought for the toughest sentences allowed.

    • We developed the Drug Diversion program to provide treatment for those suffering from addiction, providing incentivized treatment as an alternative to jail. I worked with the Beaver County Drug Abuse Coalition to develop more treatment options and easier access to treatment. Why? Because jail and probation do not reduce crime or reduce drug dependence. Successful drug rehabilitation on the other hand is cheaper than jail or probation, and more importantly helps breaks the cycle of addiction and crime. Successful treatment restores lives and families. We provided incentivized treatment to over 300 offenders with a 70% treatment success rate and saved the county money in the process.

  • Rebuilt the Beaver County ADTF taking it from a single drug arrest in 2015 to over 600 investigations since 2016. The DA’s office and ADTF worked closely with the DEA, FBI and Pa AG on joint drug investigations throughout SW Pa.; investigating, prosecuting, or referring over 20 dealers selling narcotics resulting in death.

  • Placed 19 Prescription Drug Take Back Boxes in police departments to get drugs off the streets.

  • Offered drug education in schools and churches throughout the county.

  • Rebuilt the Beaver County Emergency Services Unit (ESU = County SWAT) to assist local law enforcement and execute high risk search warrants.

  • Made our schools safer by developing a coordinated response to school threats. And through the ESU we provided training to police and schools on active shooter events.

  • Through the DA Detective Bureau, we provided investigative support and forensic support for municipal police, and high quality, diverse forensic training to police departments.

Through tough law enforcement, increased drug treatment options, and education we reduced the number of overdoses and overdose deaths suffered by Beaver County Citizens. Our multi-faceted approach to law enforcement, and working closely with police and drug rehabilitation professionals, saved hundreds of lives in Beaver County.

In 2019 I will ask the voters of Beaver County for a second four-year term so that I may continue these reforms and the anti-drug efforts already underway.

I humbly ask for your support.

David J. Lozier, Esq.
Beaver County District Attorney
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