David j. Lozier kicks of re-election campaign

I will be a candidate for re-election to the office of Beaver County District Attorney in 2019.

My 2015 campaign centered upon removing politics and favoritism from prosecutorial decisions; fighting the increasing threat from heroin addiction and improving the efficiency and function of the District Attorney’s office. I have met these challenges and ask the voters of Beaver County to allow me to continue this work on their behalf.

We have objectively and fairly investigated or prosecuted county, municipal, and law enforcement officials based on the facts of their case and not their party affiliation or supposed power base.

I hired the most qualified people to work in the office regardless of their last name or political beliefs. I improved the function of the District Attorney’s office by giving the Assistant District Attorneys the tools and information they need on the first day a case appears in court so they can fairly evaluate a case and resolve it faster with more consistent results. I also introduced new technology to the office to save the county time and money in prosecutions and jail costs. Our Assistant District Attorneys work every day to incarcerate drug dealers and firearm offenders to the maximum sentence our courts will allow. With our Victim-Witness Office, we represent the interests of the citizens injured by crime.

The opioid epidemic hit Beaver County like a tsunami in 2016 with a 175% increase in opioid deaths in one year. To fight this epidemic, I worked with the County Detectives, Police Chiefs, and every federal and state law enforcement agency to bring in maximum resources. Through this cooperative effort, in three years we have reduced that opioid death rate back to prior levels.

To do this we restructured the Anti-Drug Task Force and worked with the PA Attorney General Mobile Street Crime Unit to identify and arrest over 90 drug dealers in the largest round-up in county history. I reorganized the Emergency Services Unit (Beaver County SWAT), reviving an important tool to execute high-risk warrants on the drug dealers harming our children and neighbors. Working with the US Attorney I was able to increase the DEA presence in the County, create a Federally supported anti-drug task force (HIDTA) to investigate and arrest the largest drug dealers in Western Pennsylvania and Beaver County. I increased our ability to investigate and prosecute drug dealers by swearing in one of my Assistant District Attorneys as a special federal prosecutor and swore in one of my County Detectives as a special DEA Agent.

Outside of the courtroom, I distributed Narcan to police and EMS, installed prescription drug take back boxes in 17 police departments to get drugs off the streets, and worked with drug rehabilitation specialists throughout the county to improve the availability and coordination of drug treatment. With law enforcement and addiction experts we brought anti-drug programs to schools and churches.

To reduce crime and addiction, I teamed up with the Beaver County Probation Department and Beaver County Behavioral Health to create a unique and highly successful drug offender Diversion Program offering treatment to non-violent drug addicts instead of jail.

Through enforcement, prosecution, treatment, and interdiction we have reduced drug overdoses and saved lives. Over these past three years, I have worked hard to remain true to the conservative values I campaigned on and to fulfill every promise I made. I ask for four more years to carry on this work.


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